CFA – Summer Institute in American Philosophy (deadline: March 31, 2017)

We invite submissions to present papers in any area of American and Pragmatist Philosophy at SIAP.  Presentations may either be Traditional Conference papers or one of a variety of In-Progress presentations (as further described below). 

Submission Instructions: Please specify in your submission the type of presentation from the list below, according to instructions.  Email your submissions to Erin McKenna at .  For proper routing, the subject line of your email should read: “SIAP 2017 Submission: [format type (e.g., Traditional Paper, Dissertation-In-Progress)]”.  Please include the complete text of your submission in the body of your email and do not include anything as an attachment.  The submission deadline is Friday March 31, 2017 with decisions to be made by mid-April. If you absolutely need an earlier decision for the sake of securing institutional funding, please contact Erin McKenna beforehand.

* Traditional Papers: Papers in all areas of American Philosophy are welcome. Instructions: Please submit an abstract of 500 words describing the paper in detail. Final papers should be of a length suitable for a short presentation of 15-20 minutes.

* Books-In-Progress Submissions: Those working on book manuscripts in some area of research pertinent to American Philosophy are invited to discuss their idea with seminar participants.  This includes fresh ideas for books just underway as well as books nearing completion, but does not extend to author-critics sessions on recently-published books.  Instructions: Please submit a 500-word abstract describing your book manuscript, the content of your presentation, your ideas for the format of the presentation.

* Dissertations-In-Progress: Graduate students preparing dissertation proposals, in the dissertation-writing phase, or approaching their dissertation defense are invited to present their work at special
dissertations-in-progress sessions.  This is a regular tradition at SIAP and one of the most exciting venues to showcase new work that is being developed in the field at various graduate programs across the country and internationally. Instructions: Please submit a 500-word abstract describing the content of your dissertation.  We will work with you in advance of the session on general guidelines for preparing the presentation and what to expect.  In addition please note: we have a limited number of travel grants available to graduates at the conference who will be presenting, so please indicate if you would like to be considered for a travel grant which will cover the entire cost of room/housing as well as registration fees.  These grants are generously funded by the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy. (See below for more information on the grants).

* Experiments-In-Progress: We invite presentations on projects, collaborations, group work, public philosophy forays, philosophical field work, and other philosophical experiments for the purposes of discussion at SIAP.  Some examples: Michael Eldridge’s 2009 group discussion of Obama’s Pragmatism, Donald Hood and Eric Weber’s 2011 presentation on pragmatism as public philosophy, a presentation on in-progress interdisciplinary research collaborations in neuropragmatism, a roundtable presentation concerning the development of open access scholarship in American philosophy, discussions oriented toward the design of advanced or introductory courses in pragmatism using online resources and collaborative assignment. These sessions will be limited in number and are intended to provide opportunities for innovative forms of work, thought, and scholarship in the American tradition. Instructions: Please submit a 500-word abstract describing your project, the content of your presentation, your ideas for the format of the presentation, a justification of the project terms of larger issues of outreach and scholarship.